Friday, May 12, 2017

Tranquil Tuesday - Prosecco conditions

9th May - Second evening of DBSC racing in the harbour.
A fine turnout of 15 Lasers, many of whom had recently completed a weekend training session, put on a scintillating display of close racing in a 6-8 knot breeze from 110 degrees. Darach Dineen and Damien Maloney finished 1st and 2nd in both races while 3rd was taken by John Marmelstein and Conor O'Leary respectively. "Places on the podium are hard - damn hard - to come by these days," muttered an anonymous source.
Elsewhere, Des Fortune pulled off a third successive victory in the Finn while the second race was snapped up by debutant Dara McDonagh's RS400 -despite attempting to miss the last lap! Looks like a fast boat..... Des leads the series, as Richard Tate and Tom Murphy did their stint with the amazing RC team on Firebird.

In the IDRA14's - another fleet with a healthy turnout - Dunmoanin (Frank Hamilton) and Slipstream (JulieAscoop) scooped the race wins. In the Fireballs Clandog Millionaire (Clancy Brothers) claimed a double bullet again - DBSC results here

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Fortune Doubles up on Opening Night

DBSC dinghy racing finally got going this Tuesday after last week's blowout. It has to be said the harbour looked pretty busy with a very decent turnout of boats arriving to compete for the inaugural conferring of bragging rights. Dispensing with the unremarkable wind conditions (it was a bronchial 4 or 5 knots from the NE or whatever), there was some darn good racing to be had during the two races provided by a very slick race management team. Apart from some delicate bumps and muttering on the start line, silence ruled from start to finish as concentration and cunning stealth became the premium assets of those vying for victory.

Des "Ben" Fortune in his Finn secured two back to back wins in the PY fleet while the results show a similar feat by Damian Slingsby-Maloney in the Laser and yet again a double bullet by the Clancy Brothers in the Fireball fleet. Only the IDRA14 fleet could not agree who would win both races and therefore had to procure two different winners. Full Results here.

So, it was a calm and somewhat blissful summer evening, a joy to behold for the thronged spectators on the East Pier. The only disappointment for the baying crowds was Conor O'Leary abject failure to capsize - not even once! Perhaps they would have had more to cheer had they amassed in the RStGYC to witness Conor's namesake, "Young Man" O'Leary receive his incoming Captain's hat of office from outgoing Laser Tsar Craigovich. Captain Ross has organised training for Lasers on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings for the month of May, a great initiative to build both the numbers and skill levels of the fleet.

Finally, Troy McNamara presented an excellent talk in the George entitled "Be Your Own Sail Coach," with some particularly good tips on how to use your grey matter to climb up the leader board. On the water training sessions are available for single handers and double handers. Highly recommended that you sign up for some coaching, it's not expensive and it will do you a world of good. Click here or here if you are interested or would like a copy of Troy's slides. It all makes perfect sense, nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Be your own coach : you really - I mean really - should go to this talk!

Start the season with your head in the right place - sail with more confidence, enjoy your racing and watch your results improve!

Join us in the RSGYC on Tuesday, 2nd May after racing. Talk starts at approx 9.00pm. No charge, all welcome.
Drinks and hot plate available. To follow up, we also plan to set up some on-the-water sessions during May - details on the night.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

DBSC - Tick, tock .... coming soon!

Summer Dinghy racing starts on Tuesday, 25th April in Scotsman's Bay.

Enter on line www.dbsc.org

First Tuesday 25th April (warning gun 19.00)
First Saturday 20th May (warning gun 14.15)
Up to 2 back-to-back races per session

Fees are very reasonable for a season's racing. Even better with under 25's discount. 
For example, an under 25 can race a Laser on Tuesdays for as little as €116
Or race a double hander in PY fleet on Tuesdays and Saturdays for only €232

Need some info? Need a boat? Need crew? Interested in some coaching?

Laser fleet captain - Ross O'Leary 087 664 2297
PY fleet captain - Richard Tate 087 243 6878

PY fleet - all comers welcome - Finn, OK Dinghy, K1, Solo, Aero, Mirror, Feva, RS 200, RS 400, Wayfarer, 420, 470 - too many to mention but all welcome. Finishing time are adjusted to decide who wins

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Frostbites Week 2 - 2016/17

The breeze went from zero to something, which was good. And then it varied, which made things interesting.

Warm enough to cause all the wetsuit wearing mob to sweat on the beach and have fun on the water.

The photos show lots of hunched backs. It's what people do when the question on their mind is "Where the heck is the wind gone now?".

Photos - as usual - courtesy of the DMYC team.




Friday, October 21, 2016

Frostbites kick off soon

A launching scene at the DMYC during the Frostbites. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lasers and capsizing IDRA14s

Twas pretty gusty this Sunday and racing was conducted inside Dun Laoghaire Harbor - which probably made the gusts worse.

Several Lasers turned out for the racing, which was nice to see.

The feature of the photos - and on the day - is probably the  multiple capsizing IDRA14s.

Results online. See top right.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

A glorious evening

July opened with a really great evening.

Sunshine, decent wind and - at the end - a tide to rip your underpants right off.

The videos (see example below) show the tide, but the photos show the sun to its best advantage.

And - as mentioned - on the videos you can see the tide.

That tide!  Wow.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tuesday 28 - Glorious then wet!

Tuesday made for some wonderful pictures and - for anyone who was still outdoors somewhat later on - a really wet evening.

Results are online for all fleets.

 Thanks again to Ros Bremner for the photos. Used by courtesy, all rights reserved!